I am afraid.

I am afraid that people won’t like me.

I am afraid that I’m not good enough.

I am afraid that I won’t succeed.

This fear isn’t a bad thing. It’s simply a sign that I need to push myself. It shows me my boundaries, and helps me to lean into them.

Like stretching a sore back after a long day of sitting, I ease into the spaces of my life where I feel fear. The nervous tingling of sensation reveals that extra millimetre towards success.

The irony is, we avoid fear, believing that it is a warning to run, when oftentimes, it is simply a sign that we’ve been neglecting some area of life. Easing in, pushing past, and enjoying the relief of conquering fear is all that we need to do. Once we start to use our fear as a guide instead of an enemy, we start to see that we aren’t as limited as we thought.


I am afraid that people won’t like me, because I have been holding back, and not exposing my true self.

I am afraid that I am not good enough, because I have been sticking to what I know instead of struggling and challenging myself.

I am afraid that I won’t succeed, because I haven’t been pushing myself far enough that I can really fail.

I am afraid, because I haven’t been living to my potential.