Our health is our SINGLE most important priority

My goal is to make being healthy easy, fun and NATURAL. Because healthy isn’t lifting weights for an hour of exercise a day, or cutting gluten out of your diet. Health is an expression of ALL of your choices, day in and day out.

You don’t need to do a whole lot to change your life. You need to make small changes, that lead to HUGE changes in your body, life, and mood. Not everything has the same effect, and not everything works. But my goal is to cut through the bullshit. I want to find the habits and routines that lead to a healthier lifestyle.

Living Well: An Introduction to change

Living well is more than physical health, more than financial success, more than social wellness. It is the combined existence of all three, working syngergystically to greatly improve the quality of one’s life, moreso than any one of these individually. Living...

How Awareness Help You Fix Posture Imbalances

insert image here Introduction something introducing the idea The story Today, while meditating, I noticed some irritation in my back. This is a fairly regular occurence when I sit for prolonged periods of time and normally I think nothing of it, but this time was...