This summer, I am going on the biggest adventure of my life. I am venturing, alone, into the unique (and oh so affordable) world of South East Asia. To begin my travels, I of course needed to get together the usuals like a renewed passport, immunization shots, and obligatory photo of me experiencing Canadian wilderness.

These essentials aside though, I realized I need a whole lot more to travel. In fact, I somehow needed to replace my innumerable belongings with a few high-quality items that will serve me incredibly well over time. I thought that I would share the beginnings of that list with everyone.


The five items I thought were so important I’d share them

Sunland Microfiber Ultra Compact & Fast Drying Travel Sports Towels



I plan on being on, and working on, a LOT of beaches while I travel. So, I decided to invest in an awesome towel.

Not only do these towels dry out super fast, and absorb a lot of water. They also happen to fold up to ridiculously small sizes, and are  huge enough to be beach blankets!






ProSource Fitness Gymnastics Rings with Straps for CrossFit and Total Body Conditioning at Home


I’ll be honest, I’m a fitness fanatic. If I spend two or three days without exercising, I feel absolutely miserable.

While I am planning on touring Muay Thai gyms as I travel, I still want to maintain the muscle mass, strength, and physique I have spent years building. So, I’ve become interested in Gymnastic Strength Training (tk-link to GST site).

With these, I can do dips, pull-ups, muscle ups, front levers, and pretty mush any other upper body movement that I need.





Inateck 13-13.3 Inch MacBook Air/ Pro Retina Sleeve Carrying Case Cover Protective Bag, Black (LC1300B)
MacBook Protective Sleeve

Because I will be working as I travel, my laptop won’t just be a luxury, but a NECESSITY. I am a notorious clutz with my things (My last laptop and phone took near-life-ending falls), so I am going to need some extra protection for my brand new MacBook Air!








Eagle Creek Pack-It Cube Set – 3pc Set


Packing is a pain, and keeping your clothing as compact as possible is a good idea.

‘Nough said.






EchoAcc® 4 Digits Zinc ASlloy TSA Luggage Combination Password Locks












The final item (outside of clothing) that completes the list above

Osprey FarPoint 55L Travel Bag


I had a bit of a fiasco with purchasing my backpack:

I went to sail, and made the mistake of saying I was “backpacking South East Asia”. Now, as it turns out, being a digital nomad/ travelling is NOT synonymous with backpacking. The sales person, while very nice showed me a slew of hiking bags, of which I settled on the Osprey Exos.

That would have been great, except for some serious flaws (for my purposes). First, it couldn’t possibly hold my laptop without causing serious damage over time. Second, it was top-loading so I wouldn’t have quick access to my things. The Exos was a really great backpack for camping, but not travel.

So, I had to return the Exos, and after hours of research I came across several recommendations for the (tk -link) the FarPoint 40L. I was at the store looking to exchange my Exos for a FarPoint 40L, when I tried on the FarPoint 55L and fell in love.

Strange to say, the difference was day and night. The 55L version was small and light. Portable and convenient, just like the 40L. The real difference was the built-in day bag!

I plan on using the attached day bag as a laptop bag during the day while I work. In the event that my bag isn’t accepted as carry-on, I can put my valuables in the carry-on friendly day bag.

If you are travelling for the purpose of keeping living expenses down while working on your business, do yourself a favour and try out the FarPoint 55L or 40L.

I also purchased a GitUp Git2 Pro which is basically a knock-off GoPro. We’ll see how it compares, but my gear budget was seriously dwindling, so I got this.